How google broke the internet

This is probably something anyone might have noticed, but never put the finger on it to express it in a sentence.

Remember back in the days when the web was made of links? When visiting a website was guaranteed to provide you with several links, to several websites, clearly related on a matter of subject and topic? You probably don’t, as it was a long time ago, before Google appeared in the picture.

Cause at the point when Google said “links are important” everyone started refraining posting links to other websites.

Back then, if you created a website, you had no way of submiting your url and be guaranteed to be indexed. Because engines would crawl the internet and eventually get to your url. Since webmasters were discouraged posting links, Google had to find a new way to ensure new websites are discovered, so now you have webmasters tools.

Google pretends web content should be natural, organic, but it created so many tools to ensure it isn’t. There’s a bit of a contradiction here, but there isn’t.

At some point Google realized these mistakes, so now Google is trying to fix the internet. Links used to drain the juice out of your site. Now you actually get better ranking if you link to sites with good relevancy. It won’t fly that fast, but it might work in the long run.

This article doesn’t have a point, it’s just a rumble and food for thought, and it would be fun to here your comments on these thoughts.

So let’s have it!

Lucian Ruda

Lucian Ruda, student în ultimul an la Jurnalism şi Comunicare, pasionat de tehnică şi IT, de fotografie şi jocuri, de călătorii şi aventură. urmăresc să evoluez în obiectivitate, coerenţă şi corectitudine.

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